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  • Chronological and geographical presentation of historical topics and events.

  • The ultimate app for teachers, students and history fans.


  • Thousands of events and phases structured and visualized on a timeline and on a dynamic worldatlas.

  • Thousands of hours to read.

  • Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets.

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Key Features

  • Navigate through the history on a Timeline.

  • Navigate through the history on a dynamic Map.

  • Read about all events and phases and switch between timeline and worldatlas in context of events.

  • Search through events and phases.

  • Navigate through the text and select related topics.

  • Customize the timeline, map and textviewer to your needs.

  • Periodically content update and improvements.​





  • “Great app always using it for references easy to use and read.”

  • "Excellent-I never enjoyed History at school but I now think that this application is one of the best and most interesting that I have ever bought."

  • "Incredible how many topics it includes. The map where you can see the empires that ruled during a specific time is Awesome"

  • "The map is very detail and easy to use."



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